FLY – JESSICA JUNG (I know i destroyed a wonderful song, but i can’t pass an opportunity to write it in my own thoughts. She is really an inspiration and the song too)

Invisible, i am lost, i hope i can find myself yeah.
That strength and fear, i see inside, i wonder if its gonna be fine.
When i reach out my hand yes, to that high place i’ve dreamed yes, am i getting closer now?
Just one step, just one step. Keep moving forward. I feel im getting closer.

Just spread your wings, let it all out. Follow what is inside your heart.

No one’s stopping you, no one’s stopping you.

You’re a hero you can fly, you can fly.

Whoa ~ You can fly.

That fragile heart that once i had, i hope it is stronger now yeah.

Look down below, fly with those clouds.

Cause your wings are made to fly.

When i reach out my hand yes, to that high place i’ve dreamed yes, i know i’m getting closer.

Just one step, just one step. Keep moving forward. Its not a dream anymore.

Just spread your wings, let it all out. Follow what is inside your heart. No one’s stopping you, no one’s stopping you. You’re a hero you can fly, you can fly. Whoa ~ You can fly.

I won’t, no i won’t cry out now
I won’t, no i won’t give up now
I won’t lose, i won’t lose
Oh no no no no

Just spread your wings, let it all out. Follow what is inside your heart. No one’s stopping you, no one’s stopping you. You’re a hero you can fly, you can fly. Whoa ~ You can fly.


Restoration of Happiness


Are we really that scared to let someone passed by in our life? That holding on is what you think would be the best course of action..

Do we really have to fear that one day we may end up not seeing each other anymore? That all the things we’ve shared are just memories.

How could we simply forget when we talked about our relationship, about our problems and the triumphant things we’ve accomplished together. We never could, but why was it easy for you? Why was it so easy for you to move on and pretend that nothing is going on between us anymore.

I must be simply stupid to think that one day we could be more than friends. I want something that is far more precious than our friendship. I want you, to hug me, kiss me, hold my hand. I really want it to happen. Perhaps you’re thinking that it might destroy everything once it didn’t work out but isn’t worth the risk? Knowing that someday you’ll look back and realize that you’re the luckiest person to be married with your best friend. That would be so romantic so please take a risk.

If it doesn’t work out the way we plan it, then let time fix things for us. No matter how long it will take to forget, to restore everything. At least we have the courage to do something stupid before we pass our story to the next generation.

I just want it to fucking happen.


There are times when i question their path of pofession but sometimes i just want to say a big “THANK YOU” for sacrificing  your own dreams and potential just to help us see our greatness and capabilities. I may not say thank you or give appreciation today or in the future but when i look back. I will definitely remember your faces.

His Drug Of Choice and a Tight Sealed Door

Drugs_and_alchol_mainWhen a man trusts what he puts inside his mouth. Will he be happy?
When a man feels that happiness is found in a scientific combination of chemicals, will he lust for it?

When a man starts to get addicted, will he deprive himself to look for more?….. No.

Every single discovery starts with curiosity. Once you get interested to know things, the knowledge you acquire  may not be enough. You use your different senses to suffice what is missing. You use your senses to taste and to smell what your imagination could not offer and because of that YOU START USING IT!

May it be Nicotine, Crystal, Alcohol, Marijuana or Ecstasy,  it will consume both your physical and mental aspect. Even if you have full control of your physical and emotional mentality, this things will slowly kill you. These things will slowly alter your thinking and you will get the feeling that you cannot function properly without inhaling something.

Some people might say that addiction is just a state-of-mind but to tell you honestly, once you have a friend, family or relative that is suffering from it you will know how hard their struggles are and how difficult it is to stay by their side. You can never trust an addict when it comes to promises and kind love will never be a solution for this kind of problem. You literally need to know how much you love that person by force. Even if it means hurting them.

I’m speaking with no experience so i can never tell how painful it is, how hard your roads to recovery. i just know that YOU are strong and can overcome this kind of problem. Remember that YOU are never alone. You just need to tell them that you need their support and encouragement. But don’t ever abuse it..

Memories & Regrets


“Holding grudge is easy, letting go is a process”

Every time people tell me that letting go of your past will make you feel better with yourself, I always tell them that I agree with them. I never really turn it into a conversation; I just listen and understand what they wanted to say.

After all, the pieces of advice they offer will always be a reflection of their action and consequences of their conscience. Good advice doesn’t come out by just watching and learning. It comes from experience and that’s why I stopped asking for advice because in the end. They just want to hear want they wanted to hear.

Sooner or later, you will realize that everything makes sense. That all the things you’ve learned is worthy. But the when of it, you might find yourself in a situation where it’s too late. So figure yourself out and make a decision that you will never regret until mother earth takes everything back.

Time is always our best enemy for reconciliation.

Foreshadow of Gentle Kindness

CD2281_ZMothers intuitions cannot be scientifically explain. The way they know a certain situation is like a part of their charm. How they know if we feel sad, lonely and hurt. They just know it without asking. Sometimes we find it a little annoying, but it’s actually pretty sweet to be reminded that a single person can care for us deeply. In any other way, that person reminds us that we have someone in our life that we can call anytime.  You are lucky if you already have someone like that in your life.

Don’t forget to thank that person with all your heart.

Social Discrimination of Love

soft_loveThe heart and mind knows who to love. The person knows who is his/her destined partner to be with. Love is simply love, the beating of the heart, the constant thinking about each other. However society doesn’t accept the fact that love between a man and man, woman to woman is also possible. We all know that we are already living in a world full of acceptance and understating but  some choose to stick to norms.

When will they accept this kind of love? When will they learn that this kind of things exist.

The Normal Heart

I’m sure that a lot of people are tired of fighting, knowing that its not making any progress and i’m sure as hell that people are tired of being discriminated, being ridicule for doing a single mistake.

I don’t get the idea that if you did something wrong, the rest of the world will judge you without hesitation. Its completely insane and outrageous. That’s why most people fought a lot of things inside dealing with those kinds of shits in their life.

I get the idea that they won’t even consider you normal and in fact they make you feel like you don’t belong, i get it. I just can’t accept the fact that an enormous amount of information is already presented in books and on the internet and still they act as if you’re a person with much lesser value.

No one really likes committing a mistake, but if its something you can’t take back anymore. Deal with it. We just have to accept it as a part of our lives and expect the unexpected. Something good may come out of it.

What’s so important about changing? Is it really necessary?

One might be able to answer this question easily but for me, I don’t even know where to start. There are some observations and participations that I’ve done but trying to change is really difficult and the most difficult thing to discuss is how far we are willing to go for that change. It all falls down to our determination or inspiration. Without it, it wouldn’t even pick our interest.

If there’s one thing that I would like to change about myself, I would say it would be changing my attitude when it comes to throwing words in a piece of paper into sound, I want to verbalize it!

Well that doesn’t mean that I wanted to be whiner or a bitch, i just want to express myself to others without sounding like a total loser and to answer my question, yes, change is necessary… for all of us. Imagine how things would be easy for me if only I could express what’s on my mind with filter. Heck I could even become a public speaker!

I may be good at my virtual life but i am pretty sure that I am rocking my reality like a landslide and i just keep falling and it sucks, real bad. Apparently grooming is a priority rather than being prepared to a given condition in my situation. Being verbal doesn’t help me at all!

Longing for change is not the problem. The problem is where do you even begin, when you want to change a lot of things?

Who knows, maybe multiple tasking might work or just take one step at a time.

Totemo nakano ii tomodachi

We always underestimate the true power of feelings but when it comes to our self, we project a lot of imaginations about it.

Haven’t you tried suppressing them inside your head, fearing what would happen when you show them with a BANG? Or have you ever tried confessing to someone without over thinking things?

I bet you did both things and we may have a similar experience about it. I once confessed someone through text that i kinda liked him and he blocked me. It was for a week before i man up and for what its worth, i made a fool of myself and burst with huge laughter when i told my friends about it.

Well this isn’t really a journal about some silly confessions, cry-a-thon weekly that i wanted to share, its about those person who will listen to your drama, no excuses. Sharing them those embarrassing moments made me feel a little better because i can trust them.

Sometimes i get the feeling that you don’t need too many of them to be happy, one might be enough or two. Just make sure its a keeper.

Sometimes we forget that they are integral to our life and as we grow up, we partially cut our ties with them. Depressing but its the truth, but not for all. We tend to focus on what’s ahead of us and forget the past. We like to call them family but its different.

A friend will always be an extension close to family. We won’t know how strong our relationship with one another, how long it will last or expiration date. But we do know that our door is always open for them.

May we never forget them. EVER.